Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Hey guys! Sorry things have been a little bit quiet over here….not for lack of activity but lack of time and energy to sit down and write, thus I have a back log of posts in my head that may be coming out one after the other…maybe :)
ok so the first thing we need to let you know about is our consolidation of ministries and networks. Some of you may or may not have been seeing the term "Grace Love Truth ministries" floating around.   This is our new umbrella organizations name. Not much has changed really…but also we have unified, consolidated and re-structured what we were all already doing, so in some ways there are big changes and in some ways none at all. You may or may not know we were under the umbrella of Heart to Heart International, which really meant nothing except that it was our registered NPO name with the government. So we have changed the name to Grace Love Truth ministries instead. And Grace Love Truth ministries is the umbrella that heads different outreach ministries (including Isaiah House) and different simple churches (including Isaiah house church and Kloof church which we are involved in) Previously the ministries under Heart to Heart were working independently- although we often networked, and we realized we were not accomplishing what we could, nor reaching the amount of people we could if we actually started working as a team more. This has led to the formation of a GLT eldership board which Sandile and I are a part of, and more identified leaders of the existing churches and ministries. All that may sound confusing….its even confusing me! So just go and take a look at the website www.gracelovetruth.com and you will get the picture :)
The only thing that has changed dramatically for us personally is that Sandile is currently pastoring the GLT Kloof church and has left the pastoring of the GLT Isaiah house church to a team which he oversees and mentors.