Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Freedom at WCA

It has been a busy and exciting time at the Isaiah House! 
We have been practicing leading discipleship classes to enhance the leadership skills of the volunteers so they become more comfortable with teaching discipleship classes on their own. With that, World Changers, one of our partner organizations as such asked Sandile along with the Isaiah House team to come and teach a class to the people staying at the World Changers Academy. This particular class was known for being rather difficult-- a lot of the students still believed and practiced ancestral worship. They were very defensive and difficult towards to Sandile, even mocking and blaspheming Christ as some points.  At one point he just said "if you aren't believing me then bring your ancestral worship here and I will bring Jesus and we will pray". It was a very powerful time in which about 10 of the students manifested demonically and everyone was praying and worshipping. The team prayed with those who were manifesting and they were really challenged with the reality of Christ. Their minds and hearts were softening towards the Holy Spirit as they could see the power that our team carried. After our team left deliverance continued to happen throughout the night with the Pastor on staff at WCA, and some of those students gave their lives over to Christ and were completely freed from demonic oppression. Afterward Sandile received an email from one of the leaders asking if Sandile can start helping them learn how to deal more in the spiritual realm with deliverance etc. It was an exciting day of walking in Christs power and authority in setting people free. 

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  1. Hey Abby!

    Being back in the states and in the western culture I’ve forgotten about those still bound by ancestral worship. It’s encouraging to hear more about the power and deliverance God is bringing through you guys!

    Nate Minneman